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How to Analyze New Construction When Flipping Houses

When it comes to buying a vacant lot and building and flipping new construction, you need to understand the numbers. In this video, Jerry explains the buy formula for making money with new construction homes.

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Creating a Rehab Timeline When Flipping Houses

In this video learn how to create the timeline for rehabbing a house when doing a fix & flip.

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How to Fix & Flip High-End Homes

Check out this big rehab project. Wishing now I would have just tore down the existing house and started over. That would have been faster! Wait till you see how it turned out finished!

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How to Hire a General Contractor For a Flat Fee When Flipping Houses

Most investors overpay for a builder or general contractor. Learn the secrets to getting them to work harder for a reasonable flat fee saving you thousands!

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How to Build & Flip New Construction Homes [In-The-Field Training]

In this video Jerry takes you out in the field to one of his new construction projects. You’ll learn hands on how he decided to build an $800,000 house on this lot and the process that went into the the design and features.

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How I Wholesaled a Commercial Building for $65,000

Most people overlook commercial when it comes to wholesaling deals when in reality it’s the same process as wholesaling houses. Well get ready to be inspired as Jerry shares case study #763 where he shows you how he...