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Biggest Transformation Flipping a House Ever!

Check out the amazing before and after slideshow of one of Jerry’s recent fix and flip projects in Charlotte NC. Comment below what you think of the transformation.

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Why NOT to Hire a General Contractor When Flipping Houses

Most fix and flip investors want to hire a general contractor to handle the rehab. Find out in this video why that is a bad idea and why you should manage and build your own team of subcontractors.

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How to Estimate Repairs in 15 Minutes When Flipping Houses

In this video tip, Jerry discusses how to estimate repairs on any deal in 15 minutes or less. When it comes to making offers on houses, you have to be able to quickly and accurately estimate the cost of repairs. Stop...

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Estimating the Cost of a Roof WITHOUT a Ladder or Tape Measure When Flipping Houses

This is one of the coolest and easiest tricks to learn. Using this hack-method from now on when you’re looking at a potential deal that needs a new roof, you’ll be able to quickly and accurately determine the cost to...

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The Right Way to Pay Contractors When Flipping Houses

Many investors have bad experiences when it comes to paying contractors. Learn Jerry’s method on how he pays contractors. If you follow this method you will never experience getting screwed again!

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Understanding the Fix and Flip Buy Formula

In this video training, jerry explains the only 2 things you need to know to quickly determine the buy price on any fix and flip deal.