Odds Are You Won’t Be Successful in Real Estate

Yes, that is a terribly negative title for the launch of my first blog on the FlippingMastery.com website. I’ll get to that in a sec.

But first, welcome to the launch of what me and my team are calling “the best real estate content website ever!” My vision is to provide valuable tools, tips, techniques, strategies and all-around darn good ideas that will help you make more money faster in real estate.

However, there is something I have to get off my chest. Most of you won’t be successful investing in real estate. Sorry to let you down. It’s as hard for me to say it as it is for you to hear it. You can leave now and never come back and I won’t be offended, I promise.

WARNING – If you keep reading, you may not like what I have to say to you.

Ok, you’ve been warned. You can still hate me I guess, just don’t tell me to my face (I have sensitive feelings after all...).

When I first started investing in RE in 2004 at the age of 27, I hit a major turning point in my life. I finally could see a way to reach my dreams and aspirations. However, it quickly became apparent to me that I had some major flaws in the mind-set department about money and success.

I decided that I would get a real “education” so I went to my local public library and was stunned to find a huge selection of self-help audio books on business, real estate, sales, marketing and success. Most of it was cassettes. Do you know what cassettes are?

It was all what I now call “the classics.” So while I was driving around wholesaling deals, I listened to all the greats like Zig Ziglar, Tony Robbins, Tom Hopkins, Brian Tracy, Stephen Covey, etc.

For two years while I was wholesaling 4-5 deals per month and making $3,000 to $10,000 per deal, I listened to every single self-help book that library and every other library I could find had available. Adapting a growth mind-set has stuck with me ever since. Now I buy audio books on audible.com and continue to do the same.

I was able to go from construction worker to millionaire-real-estate-investor in a few short years and I’ve come to believe that success in real estate (or anything really) is something like 80% mind-set and 20% strategy (might even be more like 90/10 and sometimes I wonder if its 99/1).

Knowing this has been my biggest dilemma. Here’s why… In 2010 I started teaching other people how to make money investing in real estate. Since then, I’ve created dozens of training programs and systems that teach step-by-step techniques and strategies for making money investing in real estate and as the nation’s leading expert (somewhat self-proclaimed but nonetheless) on flipping houses and commercial properties, I know my stuff works because I teach what I do and see positive results in some people.

And therein lays the problem…”some” people. The reality is real estate investment education is a lot like the “shelf-help” industry.

Get it…shelf-help not self-help?

Note: No I didn’t think of that on my own, I stole it. Any time I hear something good, I give credit to the source three times and then after that claim it as mine. This is the 3rd reference so from here on out it’s mine.

Here’s what I’ve noticed...

Most real estate investment training programs end up right next to the self-help books…on the “shelf.” Sometimes still in the cellophane.

Someone bought it with good intentions but never “got around” to taking any action. Believe it or not, once the excitement wears off and guilt sets in, some people even demand a refund claiming “it” didn’t work.

“It” didn’t work or “you” didn’t work is my point.

Others let it sit there collecting dust and now and then look at it and say, “tomorrow, I’m going to get to that” (yea right!).

I admit, I’ve been guilty of this. My wife accuses me of having books on my shelf (I have a lot) that I’ve never read. I tell her I never intended to read them. I couldn’t pass them up at Salvation Army for $.50 because I thought they would look awesome on the shelf with my collection of other business books. Truth is, if I can’t get a book in audio, I’m probably not going to read it. I workout every day religiously and that’s my “Jerry-time” to listen to books (brilliantly production time, btw).

Anyways, the non-action crowd is not my biggest concern. After all, they haven’t invested much into it (time, blood, sweat, tears, etc). The ones I painstakingly worry for are the “self-sabotagers.”

Let me explain...

There is a group of people who do take action but due to limited beliefs, misaligned paradigms, and all kinds of other negative and untrue mindsets, never end up getting over the wall to see the light of day of success.

Trust me I know all too well. I’ve had to battle my own mental monsters, especially when it comes to money. I used to think money came slow and required long, hard work to acquire. Now, I believe money comes easy and for the most part - it does! You might be screaming right now:

“It’s not fair! It’s not my fault!”

If it makes you feel any better, you’re right. It’s not your fault. It’s your parents’ fault, your educators’ fault, your religious leaders’ fault, the government’s fault (everything is their fault), your friends’ fault, the economy’s fault, your spouse’s fault and probably like a dozen other “not your” faults too.

No matter what these people do as far as strategy, technique, skill-set, etc (the 20% part), they ultimately let their negative programming sabotage any real or lasting success. It’s one step forward, two steps back.

What’s unfortunate is they are some of the hardest working people I have ever met but always seem to fall victim to circumstance. Ultimately, it’s their realtor’s fault they missed out on that great deal. They lost money on that rehab because the contractor screwed them. That darn real estate coach (not me of course) gave them the wrong advice.

I do very little personal one-on-one coaching for two reasons:

1). Most people want the 20% skills and are not interested in the 80% mindset.
2). I won’t succeed if I coach them on the 20% (real estate) if the 80% (mindset) is screwed up.

As a result, I only hold a few live Coaching events a year. Click Here if you want to learn about our live 1-1 Coaching events.

I recently took on a 26 year-old coaching student from Cali who attending my wholesaling training workshop (all 20% stuff) a few years ago and now makes $250,000/year (not bad for 26 years old).

He recently told me that something I said at that workshop stuck with him. I said to make 100-200 offers each and every month in order to consistently get 2-3 deals per month. Luckily for him, his mental game, (while not perfect) wasn’t too bad and he actually did it! Right now, we’re working on a game plan to double his income in the next 6 months.

So, back to this website and my other training programs… My job is to provide you with the very best real estate investing training on the planet. I commit to doing that for you. And since 99% of you who actually took the time to read this that aren’t interested in all that hocus-pocus re-programming-your-mental-blueprint-for-success stuff, I’ll still be here for you (in spirit that is…remember personal coaching is $25,000).

To your success, Jerry