#1 Tip for Beginners

As the nation’s #1 house flipping expert, (even if that title is self-proclaimed), if you’re new to flipping houses, maybe still working on that first deal, I’ve got a few tips for you...

Tip #1:

First of all, the number one most important piece of advice I could give you is this…Are you ready? This is profound...

“Don’t focus on doing a deal.
Focus on building a business that does deals.”

Read that again and really let it sink in. Here’s a cool picture of me saying it...

Here’s why this is so important when you’re getting started...

If you just focus on doing “a deal” and making some money then maybe you’ll get that first deal, hopefully make some money but the reality is you’ll probably waste that money on something stupid and be right back at square one.

But if you focus on building a business that leverages resources (people and technology) and you implement a system that does deals, you will continually do deals and continually make money.

It’s like that old adage, “Give a man a fish and he’ll eat for a day. Teach a man to fish and he’ll eat for lifetime.” The same concept applies to doing deals.

Tip #2:

As a new investor, the most important area to develop is finding good deals. If you build a system that generates consistent lead flow, or in other words, potential deals, coming at you every day, you’ll crush it in this business.

Here’s why...In every market there are investors just like me who are always looking for good deals and if you have a good lead system for finding deals, you can always wholesale your deals to investors like me.

In fact, I have a program where I’ll pay you $10,000 for each deal you bring me that meet my criteria. I call it Power Flipper 3x. It’s the best way for new investors to get their first deal done.

That’s what Eve Flood from Arizona did. Following my Power Flipper 3x program, she found a good deal in Philadelphia and I paid her $10,000 for it.

What’s great about my Power Flipper 3x finder fee program is all you have to focus on is finding good deals, that’s it.

Now to learn more about how you can be a finder for me including tools and training for how to find deals, go here to register for an upcoming web class where I’ll explain everything you need to know to start finding me deals, submitting them to me and getting paid $10,000 for each deal.

Until Next time, Happy Investing,

Jerry Norton