hottest-markets does a monthly analysis of the top 20 hottest real estate markets in the U.S.

They base their analysis on two things:

1. Days on Market (DOM) or how quickly homes sell and
2. The number of viewings per listing on their site.

According to, July 2016 was the hottest market in a decade! “Pent-up demand left over from tight supply for two years against the backdrop of mortgage rates remaining near three-year lows have encouraged buyers to keep active at a time when sales usually begin to decline.” The median home list price was $251,000, 7% higher than one year ago.

This month’s hottest markets list is again dominated by California, which claims 12 of the 20 spots, but it’s sharing the spotlight with eight other states represented – Texas, Colorado, Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, and Tennessee. The biggest gainers this month were Yuba City, CA; Santa Cruz, CA; Colorado Springs, CO; and Columbus, OH, moving up 14, seven, six, and five spots respectively.

Now what does a hot market mean for you and me?

If you’re trying to flip houses in hot markets such as the ones just discussed, it’s increasingly harder to buy discounted properties due to strong demand but on the flip side, it’s a lot easier to sell your fixed up homes.

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Happy Investing,

Jerry Norton