Driving for Dollars

driving for dollars

Driving for Dollars is a phrase real estate deal finders use to describe the strategy of driving around in your market looking for off-market opportunities such as boarded homes, tall grass, For Sale By Owner signs, contractors working, etc. Basically, vacant and neglected homes that indicate a possible motivated seller.

I want to share with you why driving for dollars is so important with this story about how I made $4000 in about 30 minutes.

While driving for dollars, I came across a small, boarded-up house, perhaps 700 sq. feet. I looked through a window and saw the house had been gutted inside. I called the number on the For Sale by Owner sign. The owner told me he was asking $11,000. I managed to negotiate him down to $4,000. We agreed and he said he would send the papers to sign.

I continued my driving for dollars and saw a house being roofed. I stopped and asked if the owner was around. The owner of this house was a real estate investor intent on flipping the property. I asked if he would be interested in the house I owned. He said he would. He looked through the windows like I did and he said he would pay me $8,000 for it. He signed my papers and I went back to my office to make sure I had the papers for my purchase. The great thing about this story, not only did I make $4,000 in about a half hour, but the real estate investor did 20 to 30 more deals with me as a wholesaler.

In the two years I spent wholesaling houses, nothing was more important than driving for dollars, so get out there and take control of your future today!

What is wholesaling?

From my book The Wholesaler’s Bible, which I’ll tell you how to get free in a moment, the biggest distinction to understand when it comes to flipping houses is that wholesaling is NOT doing any improvements to the property. It’s passing the deal off to someone else who will do the improvements. Essentially, wholesaling is taking less profit now with no work (not doing any improvements) instead of more profit later with a lot of work (doing improvements and flipping it or renting it).

A quick glance through the table of contents of The Wholesaler’s Bible reveals the great information available, with chapters on:

Chapter 3: Analyzing Deals
Chapter 4: Controlling Deals
Chapter 5: Finding Deals……

I’ll tell you about more ways to find deals, besides driving for dollars, in Chapter 5. We talk about deals, but how do you know rationally it is a deal? I’ll tell you in Chapter 3. In chapter 4 you will learn how to nail down the deals you find.

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Happy Investing! Until next time,
Jerry Norton