How Flipping Notes is Different Than Flipping Houses

  If you love flipping houses than you’ll love flipping notes. Learn in this video how flipping notes is different than flipping houses and be sure to grab Jerry’s best selling eBook on the 6 simple steps to flipping notes. Go here to download a copy now:  

How to Have, Be, Do and Give Everything You Want in Life

  Most people are confused about their goals, values, and ideas, and as a result, accomplish very little. The top achievers, on the other hand go on to great accomplishments in whatever they attempt. Watch this presentation to learn how to have, be, do and give everything you want in life..  

Flipping Houses | An Inside Look at a Master Bath Re-Design

In this video, Jerry takes a peak behind the curtain on one of his rehab projects and shows how he completely re-designed the master bath. This one change in the layout allowed him to quickly flip the home for $75,000 profit!      

Is Wholesaling Illegal?

Don’t make the same mistake as Jerry and get fined $2500. Learn how to properly structure deals and stay out of trouble.

Why You Should Always Get an EMD From Your Cash Buyer

  One of the biggest mistakes wholesalers make is NOT getting earnest money from their cash buyer. Once you find a deal, get it under contract and then locate a cash buyer, you want to make sure that cash buyer is legit and will show up at closing as promised. In this video, why you should

How I Flipped a Commercial Building and Made $65,000

  Most people overlook commercial when it comes to wholesaling deals when in reality it’s the same process as wholesaling houses. Well get ready to be inspired as Jerry shares case study #763 where he shows you how he flipped a commercial building and made $65,000.

Flipping Houses | How to Estimate Repairs in 15 Minutes

  In this video tip, Jerry discusses how to estimate repairs on any deal in 15 minutes or less. When it comes to making offers on houses, you have to be able to quickly and accurately estimate the cost of repairs. Stop spending hours doing what should only take 15 minutes. Learn how in this

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