Here on this page you can listen to over 20 podcast episodes I did with my former business partner and mentor, Peter Conti. We called it “Flip Guys” and covered every topic imaginable about how to make money in real estate. Peter went from mechanic to millionaire in 3 years and recently retired at the age of 53. I hope you take the ideas we share here and implement them into your real estate business. You’ll be amazed at the speed at which you can achieve your goals…

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flip-guys- Peter and I as the “Flip Guys.”


How to Wholesale Real Estate Using an LLC

#20 – The Flip Guys teach you an amazing strategy which helps to overcome some very big obstacles wholesaling real estate. This strategy teaches you how to use a limited liability company (LLC) to flip your properties legally and with minimal tax liability. Save money, lower your risk and decrease your time when you wholesale

How to Avoid Getting Burned by Contractors

#19 – In working with contractors, it is important you know how to manage them most effectively. You must manage your rehab to get it done quickly and under budget. In this podcast, the Flip Guys teach you the most important elements you need to put into place to assure your profits do not get

Two Ways to be a Private Money Investor

#18 – You will learn two ways to be a private money investor. You might be in a position to put money into real estate deals or you may be finding deals and utilizing private money investors to fund your deals. No matter which position you are in, you will know exactly how to structure

How to Become a Private Money Investor

#17 – You will learn how you can become a private money investor if you have some capital to invest. The ultimate goal is to make your money work for you instead of you working to make money. Here are the steps to get started as a private money investor and invest in a way

How to Dominate Your REO Market

#16 – More Ideas, tips, suggestions, ideas and inspiration to flip properties so you can go out and make a change in your life. Here we focus on dominating your REO Market. What is an REO? It is Real Estate Owned by the bank. The bank owns the property due to a foreclosure and now

Working with Private Money Investors – Documents You Need

#15 – It is very important to know the documents (the legal instruments) you need to put into place when working with the private investors. Peter and Jerry list out the documents you will need when working with private money investors, the goal of these documents, where to find them, and how to avoid negative

Hard Money vs. Private Money

#14 – Learn how to use other people’s money for back flip or flipping transactions. You will know the difference between hard money and private money and how to obtain either one. You will know when you will need to use each of them. Is one better than the other? How does this work? Listen

Selling Your Real Estate to FHA Buyers

#13 – Learn how to flip your properties to FHA Buyers while still following today’s anti-flipping guidelines. You will understand what FHA financing is and why it’s important to understand what FHA limits are in your market before buying your properties with the goal to flip it. You will know exactly how to meet FHA

Double Dip Profits on Your Real Estate Deals

#12 – You will know exactly what you can say and do to motivate good listing Real Estate Agents to want to work with you to bring you their best deals. Listen to the this podcast and learn how to get on the A list with your areas’ top REO Agents. Peter and Jerry even

The 2 Best Ways to Profit with Real Estate

#11 – What is the difference between someone who is doing the work on the property vs the person who works on the funding? You will know why it’s so important to have both of these sides to real estate investing whether you are new or experienced. What are the pros and cons of each

3 Ways To Motivate Real Estate Buyers Agent

#10 – During the last podcast you learned exactly how to hire top real estate agents to list your investment property for a flat fee. Today, you will know how to implement 3 ways to get buyers real estate agents knocking down your door with buyers for your deals. You will understand the buyers agent

How to Get Top Real Estate Agents to List Your Investment Property

#9 – Listen and learn as Peter and Jerry tell you exactly how to get Top Real Estate Agents to list Your Property for a reasonable flat fee. You will know why you definitely need a Real Estate Agent, how to choose a good Real Estate Agent and how you, as a real estate investor,