Steve Jobs Last Dying Words…

Since the launch of, I have published dozens or articles and videos mostly related to real estate investing and flipping houses. Every now and then I like to go a little deeper and be a little more introspective. During the past 5 years since I started my real estate training business, the mantra I’ve

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Doing Deals While on Vacation

This past week I vacationed with my family in Rocky Point, Mexico. Aside from relaxing, shell hunting with the kids and spearfishing sea bass (I wish you were there for the fish fry), I couldn’t help but look at real estate. Being in an unfamiliar (and foreign) market, my brain immediately wanted to understand the

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Flipping Houses | Everything You Need to Know About Using Hard Money

Hard-money loans are usually short-term and based mostly on the merits of deal. A hard-money lender looks primarily at the equity position in the deal and not at the borrower’s credibility (credit) like with traditional lending. Hard-money lenders are often institutions, meaning they broker other people’s money. In this article, I’m going to get super

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