Apply to JV With Jerry

8 Steps to JV With Jerry

Step 1: Execute a contract with a seller with a 30-day closing, using our approved P & S Agreement. If you already have an executed contract with a seller, you will need get our addendum executed with seller (discloses that you have the right to publicly marketing the property for sale).

*Properties will only be considered that are at least 60% of the Zillow estimated value (Zestimate)

Step 2: Sign our exclusive JV agreement.

Step 3: Upload property details below in the JV portal.

Step 4: We verify and validate your information and property details.

Step 5: We market your property for sale.

Step 6: Once we find the highest paying cash buyer, with your agreement, we will execute an assignment agreement with non-refundable EMD.

Step 7: Once the assignment contract is executed, we will proceed to the Title/Escrow stage with our approved title/attorney (depending on the state the property is in).

Step 8: Once the Escrow process is complete, the property will close and everyone is paid.

Please wait while we process your JV Application.