Learn The "House Flipping Formula"
That I Used To Flip Over 200 Houses
in the Past 3 Years!

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The Wholesaler’s Bible will show you:

  • The exact “House Flipping Formula” that real estate multi-millionaire, Jerry Norton, has used to flip over 200 houses in the past 3 years! (page 18)
  • Why wholesaling real estate is the easiest, fastest, and most risk-free way to generate income without using any of your own cash! (page 10)
  • The 6 things every new wholesaler needs to do to make their first check of $3,000 to $10,000 (page 13)
  • The importance of understanding your target market (this separates the “rockstar” wholesalers from the wanna-bes)... (page 15)
  • 7 ways to find killer wholesale deals, including 1 “super sneaky” way to get Realtors to find deals for you and thank you for it! (page 45)
  • The top 3 ways to find eager, ready-to-go Cash Buyers to flip your deals to (page 56)

Enter Your Email Address Below To Get Your Free eBook!

Your information is 100% secure.

"The Real Deal"

Jerry Norton is the real deal. He teaches in a way that anyone can understand. If you are serious about being a real estate investor, I encourage you to get this book.
- Beverly Blair

"Refreshing Book!"

In an industry rank with gimmicks and idealism, this book sticks to simple and effective principles that lead to success in real estate. This book is full of good direction and sound reasoning. Refreshing!
- P. Knecht

"Thumbs Up!"

This book is an amazing read! It’s well laid out and accessible to everyone. Much thought and care were obviously put into the writing of this flip-it manual. It’s clear the author truly wants success for his readers! Great book.
- Lindsay Devine